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09.01.07 Huzzah and happy Grego-Julian Calendar Replacements!  After much delays, Spell (Chapter) Five of The Weaver is complete and ready for business.  Also, considerable portions of 1-4 have been tweaked and updated.  Enjoy your dosage of spirits-drinking...spirits, apple thievery, and dryad sermons.

08.10.06—Writing archives have been moved to the site, old site shut down, and on-page links updated.

22.09.06—Welcome to  This is my new domain, and with a fresh design (some simple and robust CSS), we're back in business.  Look around and enjoy.
(Older news can be found on the News Archive Page.)
    —The Weaver has been moved to the Novels section.
    —Various style and synopsis tweaks

08.08.06 When Little Sisters Can Out-Enchant You—After completing summer school, and bits of computer and console video games where appropriate, I present the first half of Spell Five to The Weaver. More small edits, done. And most importantly, I typed all my notes for planning for the remaining five chapters and epilogue (Yes, there will be ten chapters and an epilogue), but you're going to be seeing my spoilerific notes posted here anytime soon.

15.07.06 He Returns With Loot and Story Arcs!—Blargh! Summer class! Oh, yeah...writing. Well, first up, I'm working on Chapter Five of The Weaver, which involves quite a bit of odd yet traditional fey, but weird in the funny-good way. I also went back and edited/added things to ensure a running joke as well as point out a little bit about “fairy dust” (which is, of course, a misnomer). Look for the rest of Spell Five sometime soon.
Also, I started a character journal for my current D&D character. It gets me Experience Points to spend on item crafting and further deliver writing goodness. So, why not? Look for Gale Evenwood's adventures just above the novels section.

18.07.06 (Sub-Update): Updated the synopsis to the Weaver.

25.04.06 A Tale of Neurological Conditions, Karoke, and Maiming After a long break consisting of school, video games (including the purchasing of a PS2 and more sleeper hit RPG's than is heathly in one sitting), manga, reading, and computer games, things have been kinda slow in the writing department.
Anyway, I hereby the completed sixth chapter of Alien Nine: Destroyer, entitled Mercury.
And there are new logos up for DWS and A9:D...score!

06.04.06 Alex casts Turn Undead Typos Well, thanks to my trusty, obsolescent and discontinued mini-Navi Mark III (a.k.a. Tapwave Zodiac2), I've gone through and edited and tweaked “The Weaver”. Things have been edited for clarity, and over thirty typos have been met their end at the point of a stylus. Thus, I officially Spells 1-4 to no longer be rough drafts. ^_^ Enjoy.

18.03.06 Spell Four Complete Chapter four (with chapters now numbered and referred to as “spells”) of “The Weaver” is now up for your reading pleasure. Now featuring enchanted letters, and the seventh floor of a six floor building. ^_^
As for the update schedule, I'm almost done with Chapter six of Alien Nine: Destroyer, and what I have has also been posted. I'll finish that up, and then it's time for more DWS. Because you gotta have the blue hair!

19.02.06 The Librarian of Time and Space Chapter three of the “The Weaver” be up. And Allie Meynolt is still cooler than you...or your stereotypes. Jerks.

02.02.06 MAG 203 Is In Session Another Chapter of “The Weaver” is up for your automagical enjoyment. Also, I'm half-way done with A9: Destroyer, chapter six.

16.01.06 Couldn't You Have Picked Someone Else? The first chapter of Down With Sparkles is posted under Novels. Enjoy. ~_^

14.01.06—The Weaver It's new. I would say it's improved, but that would mean there would have had to have been a previous version. A new short story in progress, posted below. And Down With Sparkles will be posted soon.

12.01.06—Alien Nine: Destroyer Updated Yep. The adventures of Jun continue with one mini-chapter and one long, full chapter. The plot thickens! Conspiracies abound! Or something.

04.01.06—Status Update What have been up to, you might ask? Simple. My writing schedule is currently split between three things: Alien Nine: Destroyer and two new stories: A modern day Eurden jaunt called “The Weaver” and a collaborative writing project with Topleka based on a now-defunct radio play...Down With Sparkles. The latter two are now listed on the Planning Page.

19.12.05—The End of Finals Spring Programming Special! The sequel to the second-craziest thing ever is now up, and prepared to scare Charity.

17.09.05 Added a News Archive page, though it's not retroactive in any way, shape or form. Minor site tweaks besides.

10.09.05—Now in Tasty Digital Form I went through and turned Siegel der Doppelseele into a html file, complete with chapter in-page links. Read it, and note the quarter of a meg file size (pure text) if you're on a slow connection. Enjoy!

4.09.05—It's the End of the World as We Know It~! Siegel der Doppelseele is done. It's absolutely completed. It's also 35,300 words long. Thus, it's been reclassified as a novella. 0_o;; Enjoy the new, more accurate synopsis, too!
—Read SdD and tell me what you think; it's been a pleasure to write and look at the slightly off-kilter world of Lind and Izzy.