The Writings and Works of Alex Putnam

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Alex's Planned Works

Exoduster Dragoon: Tale of Nocturne and Solaris
Mankind has only recently reached the stars, but not much has changed. Pistols and plasma cannons work side by side, and boom towns and ghost towns were spread over dozens of solar systems in the expanse of space.  (Only about 1 billion people don't live on Earth, and most of those are within Sol.) The way has opened for the second age of piracy, and with it, the return of the bounty hunter. Nadia is a very skilled young woman who has a certain hatred for pirates; after all they killed her parents and her brother, which doomed the family business in the process. She’s finally got enough money for a nice ship of her own and settled into bounty hunting. While tracking a catch, she runs into twin pistols, two extremely long-barreled revolvers known as the Solaris and the Nocturne, two ‘vampire guns’ which besides firing normal ammunition can drain the life energy of the user in return for abilities that make one person more lethal than a company of infantry. Nadia ‘accidentally’ acquires the Solaris, and her ensuing journey teaches her that there are no such things as ‘accidents’.

Ascension: A Tale of the New Old World
What if one day, you woke up, and instinctively knew that something was different? That arcane magic, a power sealed away for millennia was suddenly released, and not just to a select few, but to a fourth of a world. This is a story of what happens when the world is unfair and blesses friend and foe alike. Are we ready for such power? Those who follow evil in this world will surely use it, but will fear and mistrust prevent the just from opposing them with equal powers? Ascension follows the progress of a modern world suddenly given old magic on the field of international politics, and at a much more unstable and dangerous field: the emotions and irrationality of high school. Can we be trusted with the responsibility? We can only pray.

Shin Project: L
This is arguably ‘older’ than Project: L as it inspired the fanfic. Leif Zahn is high-spirited thirty-eight year old professor of history in Seattle. He has a wife and two children. His classes are fun because he discusses the funny, irreverent parts of European history with an almost personal knowledge of the subject. It is personal knowledge, as what he doesn’t say is that he’s almost five hundred years old. Besides a history teacher, he is a hunter that protects this world from the monsters that people refuse to believe in. He did not wish for his ‘secondary occupation’, but he defends humanity with no second thoughts using his vast experience and the same powers as the very things he hunts. As much as he might wish, there is no global or even regional organization (Sorry Hellsing) that protects the world from the night; merely a handful of individuals who do what they must because no one else can.

The Last Magister
Once, long ago, when the world was filled with magic, there were witches and warlocks and forests that reeked of darkness. There was a family, a clan, who used their own magics to fight such things. These people were known as the Magister. Well, evil was vanquished, and people forgot the magic that once ruled the land. Then they turned on the Magisters, this strange group of dark-haired, blue-eyed people whose magic ebbed in their very blood. They claimed that the clan had the blood of angels and demons and things best left unsaid, and that were a blight upon the land. So they killed the clan, murdering all they could find. And in doing so, they murdered the cats that could have killed the plague-ridden rats that were merely in hiding.
Dark magics and darker things have returned to the world, and despite man’s bravado and technology, they are weak substitutes against foul arcana. Men again live in fear of the darkness, and tales of the dark warriors who had once saved the land are referred to as mere legends. Yet the genocide was imperfect. There still roams the land a woman by the name of Indigo. And she…is the last Magister.